Olive Ridley Turtles Tale

After a hiatus of 20 years, an amazing thing happens at the end of week that brings a smile on the Mumbaites.

Olive Ridley Turtles also known as the Pacific Ridley, were sighted at Versova Beach, Mumbai , India. It was a historic moment to see more than 80 hatchlings, who made their way to the Arabian Sea.

It’s a tale to tell. A tale of a High Court Advocate and a social activist #AfrozShah who initiated a Cleanup Drive in 2015. A group of volunteers ( residents of Mumbai) joined and worked long for the clean-up of the Versova beach.

Hard work paid off well to Afroz Shah and all the volunteers who stumbled upon Olive Ridley hatchlings on the wet sand on 23rd March 2018. They called the forest officials and made sure that the turtles walked into the sea without any trouble.

Olive Ridley sea turtle is a medium – sized turtle found in warm and tropical waters, mostly in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. According to forest officials, these turtles normally lay eggs at places they feel safe and secure. Also there is a possibility that adult female tortoises came back to nest at the place they were born. Because Versova was a nesting beach around two decades ago, there is major possibility that the mother turtle was hatched at the same beach.

Isn’t this amazing?

But the comeback of Olive Ridley Turtles wasn’t a cake walk.

It was one man who realised his duties towards society in which he lives. He stood up and began this Clean up Drive by himself, and soon noticed many volunteers (residents of Mumbai) joined him in this drive.

But he declared his FAILURE after 109 weeks of clean up drive. He had to temporarily suspend it due to harassment from some local goons and administrative lethargy who didn’t pick the garbage that volunteers removed. But soon with the media and the government’s intervention, they resumed.

It is the species’ s way of telling that we need to conserve the nature and environment for their habitat.

A splendid job by the green crusader Afroz Shah and team Mumbai puts everyone’s mindset on question. We can make this planet safe and secure for all. The question is, Are we ready to take the responsibility?

Its my urge to all, please don’t throw your garbage around. Find a dustbin. Don’t throw disposable water bottles and bags, glass bottles and food waste on the beach. With wind it gets buried in sand. Cleaners have to dig and remove the garbage from the wet sand which is difficult. Contribute in your way, throw the garbage in the dustbins only. This is the least we can do. Isn’t it!

Photo courtesy : Google.


4 thoughts on “Olive Ridley Turtles Tale

  1. Great story! And thank you for the follow, I appreciate it. Best of luck to you. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks for liking my post and thank you for your wishes. Reciprocate the same to you.πŸ™‚

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  2. Yes, it’s a great news.

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    1. Yes it is indeed a good one

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