Part 7: And the Face Off begins…

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It was a big glass cabin, pin drop silence, Amodinee could hear her own breaths. But this time, she was confident and prepared. She wore a light pink (cotton candy pink) formal shirt clubbed with black skirt and blazer. A pair of delicate pearl stud earrings were visible as she tied a high pony tail. Her eyes looked bright which were thinly eye-lined in black and lids shadowed in pale pink. Her face looked vibrant with a subtle hint of fuchsia to her lips. Paired with black ballet flat formal shoes.

HR Manager – the Interviewer enters the cabin, Amodinee greets him” Good Morning sir”, he reciprocated to her. Both shook hands and sat.

“So Amodinee did you face any problem in finding this place?” Interviewer asked while he took her resume in his hand.

” No Sir, I had the landmark so didn’t have any problem finding it.” Amodinee got at ease and confidently replied.

Interviewer – “Tell me something about your self”

Amodinee thought it was a waste of time as everything was already mentioned in her resume. But decided to reply briefly, mostly what she hadn’t mentioned in her resume. ” I am an Arts graduate majored in Sociology. I had been awarded with a bronze medal for winning inter college Badminton competition organised by Sir J. J. International Institute of Education and Sports in 2017. I am a foodie and like to travel. My family includes my parents. Father works as Sr. Marketing Manager in a Retail shop. My mother is a homemaker.” She paused for a bit to hear his next question.

Interviewer – “Why do you wish to take up a job? And why did you apply for this role?”

” Well, right from my birth till date my parents have taken my responsibility, right from toys to best education, from clothing to food and shelter. It’s my turn to show my gratitude to them by sharing some responsibilities. I think it’s the right time to become independent too. So I decided to take up a job which suits my caliber. And this job profile suits me because I know I am good at research and presentations. I have done many team projects in college, and our professors had appreciated my work. So I think I can start my career with this profession.

Interviewer – “Are you an Extrovert or Introvert?”

Amodinee – ” It depends on the situation. If I am at a friend’s party, I will talk with other people and gel up well. So in this sense I am an extrovert. At times, when there is an issue at hand to sort, I become introvert as I need my space to quietly deep think. So I am both depending on situation.

What is this job’s demand?”

Interviewer quickly understands that he is interacting with a millennial. Gone are the days where interview was a one way process. Now even the freshers have the courage to ask questions and they expect satisfactory answers.

Interviewer – “Balanced.

Tell me your biggest strength and weakness”

Amodinee- ” My family is my biggest strength, specially my mother. And my weakness umm basil tomato cheese sandwich. I can’t resist it.”

Interviewer laughs at her innocence. It seemed as if he liked her.

But soon gets serious and shoots a question which was like rubbing salt into Amodinee’s wound.

“You do not have experience that we are looking for this position. Why should we hire you? There are many experienced candidates sitting out.

Yet, Amodinee assertively replied “Yes I am a fresher. Yes I do not have any experience on paper. But allow me to tell you that I have the skills to perform any task, provided I am given proper training and right guidance. I am fast learner, grasp things quickly and will confidently show it in my work.

“All I need is ONE chance to prove it and I DESERVE it.” She added in a firm voice.

(It is true. Freshers are like water. Like water adopts the shape of the vessel and colour it is poured in, freshers get accustomed to the organisation’s environment. This is one of the reasons why freshers are preferred over the experienced, second being the salary difference. Also we should remember that every one is not hired as CEO at their first interview. Someone must have shown the trust and allowed to perform. That one chance is all we want.)

Interviewer gauged her hunger to get this job.

Interviewer – “Ok. Amodinee, We will discuss among the team members and revert back to you.”

Amodinee – ” Thank you sir for your valuable time. Would await for your reply. ” shook hands and left.

Amodinee reached home to meet her mom. This time she was satisfied with her performance. She and her mom both were expecting a positive response, probably an offer letter. Just like every day, Amodinee prayed and went to sleep.

Has she won this face off ? A confrontation with the biggest fear of failure.

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The above post is featured on a fictional character Amodinee, but the interview questions and answers are carefully researched and presented to keep the freshers abreast with the professionalism.

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4 thoughts on “Part 7: And the Face Off begins…

  1. Hi this seems interesting but I’m just curious… Are these true stories????


    1. This blog is about a fictional character Amodinee and her life. But with this character’s help, I want to address the real challenges and difficulties freshers and professionals go through. Also how they overcome. All solutions are carefully researched and presented in this blog. I would be more than happy to receive suggestions from the professionals. Last but not the least, thank you for your comment.

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      1. aww thank you for answering the question. Keep it up!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hey Thanks for following Amodinee. People like you keeps me going. I will soon post next blog on the work life..stay tuned 🙂


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