Wear your own Oxygen Mask first….

Yesterday, just a floor below ours, an old uncle caught up the corona virus. The entire building is completely sealed. People who stay alone and some old people do not understand the social distancing. As the couple is old, they used to call for domestic help from outside. I think this is the reason why he must have got. Our neighbour is an old lady staying alone, got an open heart surgery, knee operation, vertigo, diabetes. She follows her rituals of walking in the lobby and visiting neighbours, with mask only covering her mouth. All efforts to explain the proper usage of mask and keeping social distance goes in vain. So we have decided that we won’t encourage opening door and talking to her much inspite of knowing she needs people to talk.. a few days back i was the one who wrote about talking to people but this doesn’t mean talking face to face. It can be done over the phone or over a zoom call. It seems very difficult to make them understand this and in this process we think we are loosing all tolerance and humanity. It is said that when u r in flight and in danger, wear your own oxygen mask first before helping others. This applies even here. Be safe so that the world can be a safer place.

They have disinfected the entire building. As the virus stays for 72 hours, and government declares a 14 day complete quarantine, we are stuck with no milk supply, no vegetables which earlier atleast people used to call for from vendors. Hope this gets over soon and everyone in this world gets the immunity and saved🙏

4 thoughts on “Wear your own Oxygen Mask first….

    1. Thank you. Keep tuned in!


    1. Thank you Saania Sparkle for stopping by my posts. Appreciate it 🙂

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