Our lives will go on…Yes it will.

Hey people i know I am writing after a long time. Hope you are doing good. Hope you are safe and healthy. I know this small little evil has taken over our world and trying to make us fall apart.

I know many are suffering, may god give you a lot of strength to overcome it. Those who have lost their dear ones, it is difficult one and no one can fill in that space. May their souls rest in peace.

But today let me tell you, we are all fighting this little virus together. It is not just a virus. It has brought fear, anxiety and depression, financial crisis and much more. We need to stay calm and gather our courage and stand tall united in front of it.

We will obey Social distancing, we will alter our lifestyles a bit and we will do whatever it takes to WIN OVER this problem that seems big . Remember nothing is bigger than humanity and keep our faith in God.

If you have any more ways to deal with this, do write in comments🙏

Thank you all and warm regards.

Let us all pray and have a chat with people who are suffering this isolation phobia. Chat over phone, emails blogs, let it be in any way which obeys the rule of social distancing. Let us guide them, motivate them and please keep our faith in whichever God you worship. Keep humanity intact


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