Hope exists amidst Lockdown

It was 2 wks back during the lockdown in Mumbai, my mom asked for a cup of ginger tea. Took last piece of ginger, worrying when will i be able to buy next? I personally love the taste of ginger in tea, and in my cuisine – Dals and gravies, cakes and sweets. I think its one of the most popular spice in india. It is high in gingerol, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
So out of desperation , i chopped a small piece of ginger and buried it in a small plant pot on my window grill, thinking what if it grows here! To my surprise today when i was watering the plants, i saw something grown in that pot. I googled to check if this is ginger plant… it seems so… But cant confirm so early. Need it to grow a little big to find out if it is ginger..my excitement needs some patience 😃


2 thoughts on “Hope exists amidst Lockdown

  1. Ahh, so amazing. Loved that picture…hope that’s ginger

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    1. Yes Abhishek Pathania we hope for the same


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