Part 11 A : First Day @ First Job


Like an artist, Sun rose to paint,

It’s golden streaks in the dark,

Just to turn it into a masterpiece of cosmic proportions.

Cool fresh air started to whistle & whispered the tree leaves.

Like an Angel, tweeted the birds, In blue, red and green.

It looked so perfect like all had a rhythm,

from whistling of breeze to whispering of leaves,

from tweeting of birds to flapping of wings,

And the perfect blending of colours in sky,

from red to orange, yellow to blue.

– MZ

Amodinee felt as if God wanted to wish her the best for her first day at work. She quickly got ready with that innocent smile on her face for her first day at her new job.


breakfast table:

Mom: “Good Morning Amodinee. Looks like you are all set for work.”

Amodinee : ” Good morning mom” her tender lips touched her mom’s cheek leaving her lipstick mark while she kissed mom. ” I am all set for my first day at work and I am very excited”. She grabbed her favourite cheese basil tomato sandwich for her breakfast. Her mom just packed 2 sandwiches for her lunch and an orange for evening.

Amodinee’s dad :” Have a great beginning of your financial freedom Amo. Do well.”

Amodinee’s mom : “Wait. Give her some money. Just incase she needs it. Amo you know the rule, right. Always keep emergency fund in your purse but never use it unless very urgent. Ok.”

Dad gives her money.

Amodinee : ” Thank you mom, dad. You guys are the best parents on this you. I want to leave a bit early so that I don’t get stuck in traffic and be late on my first day. Ok than bye, love you and see you in the evening.

Mom and dad waved her as Amodinee stepped out of her house.

Amodinee : ” Let me just take the cab as I don’t wish to get late today. I will figure out how to commute every day so that I don’t waste my money on private cabs.”

Amodinee reached sharp at 9:45 am. She was fifteen minutes early and sat at the reception for somebody to enter and guide her.

She started leafing through a business magazine at the centre table to kill those 15 minutes. Receptionist entered almost the same time. She quickly left her hand bag at the reception and rushed to the washroom with her makeup pouch for her touch up.

In about 7 minutes she was back at the desk ready to resume her duty.

Receptionist: How may I help you?

Amo: Good morning. I am Amodinee. Today is my first day at work.

Receptionist: Oh Yes. HR Manager did inform me about your joining. Hi. My name is Barbara. Welcome to Torquoise Crown Media House.

Good to see you early, because Management takes strict action against late comers. We follow strict rules and regulations and I am warning you on a friendly note, you must adhere to these to save your job.

Follow these rules:

Come on time.

Don’t lie to your seniors.

Be sincere at work.

Don’t waste time on surfing internet and no personal chats.

Lunch break is strictly 45 minutes.

When you leave out for meetings, enter the relevant details in muster.

Daily Report to be fed in system. Your boss will let you know in detail.

There is 7 days casual / sick leave in a year. You are only entitled to these. PL are only for permanent employees. So don’t take unnecessary leaves or you shall see a hit back on your salary.” Barbara almost spoke to her in one breath.

Amodinee just kept nodding her head in agreement. Too much information to digest for her.

Over enthusiastic Barbara : ” So tell me how did you commute today? Is there a bus from your area to office?

Amodinee” Actually I travelled by private cab today.”

Justice Barbara quickly jumped to conclusion and gave her judgement : ” Oh. You must be hailing from a wealthy family background, isn’t it. Cabs should be a normal way to commute isn’t it? Your parents would be giving you lot of money to spend as you wish.Lucky you. People like us leave our house an hour and half ago to reach on time. I take a bus from my house and then change to another at St. Peter’s Church junction. So I change buses to reach office daily madam.”

Amodinee clarifies ” That’s not the case. Today was my first day and I didn’t wanted to be late. I too prefer travelling in bus and metro. And the reason I have taken this job is to be independent. I will figure out the bus route or come in metro from tomorrow.”

( This generally happens to most of us, isn’t it. People want to boast on how hard their life is while putting you in guilt for their hardships. And why they get jealous? Can’t understand their way of thinking, so it is better to leave it to them and ignore.)

It was right time for the bosses to walk in.

Amodinee : ” Good Morining Sir” with a smile and a sigh of relief from the conversation with Barbara.

Bosses nodded their head to reciprocate and walked inside.

Asked Barbara to make Amodinee sit at John’s desk, which was vacant.

Amodinee was happy to finally get her seat and was ready for work.

HR Manager Mr. Conan walked towards her. ” Welcome Amodinee. Come with me to my cabin. I would like to have a word with you.”

Amodinee walked in his cabin, both settled.

Mr.Conan ” So Amodinee we have a 3 day induction program for new employees. You will be introduced to all relevant department heads and teams so that you are well aware of our working structure and culture. As you are on probation period for 6 months, no leaves permitted for a month, and after that you are entitled to 7 days sick leaves, and not more than 3 days at a stretch. After six months, your performance will be assessed and on that basis we will decide, if you can become our Permanent employee or not.

For these 3 days induction programme, your lunch and evening coffee is on us. Here are the coupons for all three days. You can use them in the cafeteria.Don’t loose them and don’t share them with anyone here. You won’t get any additional coupons, understood.

Try and grab all important things that you will require in future. Ask questions to the team heads for your better understanding. My assistant Fiona will guide you further.”

He picked up his phone and called his assistant inside.

A beautiful lady in a navy blue dress walked in. She looked very delicate and pretty as she smiled with dimples on both her cheeks.

Mr.Conan: ” Fiona this is our new employee Amodinee. Please begin her induction programme”.

Fiona : ” Certainly sir. Welcome Amodinee. Come with me.”

Fiona had a very pleasing personality. She was very humble too.

Fiona: ” Here take your note pad and pen. Note down all important stuff that will guide you in your work.”

They started with department- HR.

He is Ishan who looks after the employee’ leave records and also helps the accounts team for salary calculations.” Ishan smiled and nodded his head to greet and looked back down immediately.

Amodinee felt as if he is either very studious kinds or rather afraid to have any conversation in front of Fiona.

Fiona : ” She is Reena. In case of any problems with any employee or team, you can talk to her. She is very understanding and knows her job well.

Reena : ” Hey welcome Amodinee. Our team is very supportive but at times there are behavioural issues in teams and we need to interfere. Our team is cool otherwise.

Amodinee nodded in sync and smiled: ” I am sure, everyone around seems to be nice and helpful.”

Fiona then introduced to different teams :

Accounts Head, Mr.Swami and his assistant, Ms. Misha

Creative Team Head : Mr. Paul Dsouza

Sr. Graphic designers : Vir and Zara

Visualiser : Neel

Marketing Head : Mr.Joseph Barboza

Marketing Manager : Mr. Stephen MacMohan

Assistant Manager : Bunny

Introduction was quiet long and it was time for lunch break.

Barbara quickly grabbed her for lunch company. Amodinee didn’t mind as she was new and Barbara would have been an aid. She didn’t use her coupon as she had carried her lunch with her. She relished the sandwiches as Barbara was in no mood to eat a sandwich. She had got her own lunch too.


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  1. Shailesh Keluskar July 25, 2018 — 6:45 am


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    1. Thank you Shailesh ๐Ÿ˜Š


  2. A beautiful poem of immense imagery. Loved it. Faux

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    1. Thanks..I have just started.


      1. Well keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

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    2. Thanks..I have just started. Your feedback means a lot to me as you are one of the finest poet ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Thank you very much I am humbled


  3. I really like your poem โ€“ โ€˜whispering leavesโ€™ is a beautiful image ๐ŸŒฟ

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