Part 11: Dress to Impress, Isn’t it?

“Wow congratulations Amodinee. You deserved it.” Amodinee’s mom hugged her.

” Now just chill. Get yourself ready for Monday”

Amodinee “But mom, I don’t have enough formalwear for work!”

Mom ” Yes, even I was thinking. Let’s go shopping”

Amodinee’s father commented ” Yeah, go for shopping, this will be your last shopping with your parents money. I mean you will be earning now yourself”

Amodinee laughed ” Yes dad, I am going to be independent now. I will take care of my expenses”.

Amodinee’s mom ” Honey that’s too early for her. Amo don’t bother about all that. Just focus on learning the work and excelling it.”

At a garment store;

Amodinee is happy looking at the various options available, and picks up many of them to buy. Her mom warns her ” I don’t think you should buy so many at a time. You must observe the office culture and than change your wardrobe accordingly.”

Amodinee “But Mom, I just have 2 formal shirts which I wear on the same black trousers and blazer. I am going to work, 5 days a week so need to buy accordingly.”

Mom ” Yes I know. But understand it in this way, you haven’t met your colleagues, you don’t know if the Management is open to wearing semi formal outfits. You have to look like one of them in the team. Buy 2 more shirts and trousers and club it with your blazer for now. Wait for some time, notice what you need and then buy them later.”

Amodinee not in sync with her mom but has no other option but to agree.


Honestly, I had shopped casuals thinking that event Industry will have a very relaxed and chilled out culture. Later found that every meeting with clients required a western formal attire or else people don’t take you seriously. Casuals means not serious business in India, most of the time.

Although this mindset is changing a bit but not completely accepted.

Of course there are ways to change your casuals into business casual, like Denim and white shirt with a beige jacket / shrug can be considered in business casual category.

So when you don’t have enough knowledge, take one step at a time. Every one understands, that you have just started to earn and things will change gradually.

Don’t buy everything at once. Go slow and keep a tab on fashion trends too so you get to wear what is in fashion.

Some classic Do’s & Don’ts for working women:

  • Wear Clothes that fit. Not too loose nor too fit.
  • Dress for the position you want and maintain it throughout. Don’t deteriorate.
  • Showing Cleavage is not a good idea.
  • Short skirt that you have to pull down is not a good idea.
  • Athlete wear and crop top, just leave them at home, unless you are instructor at a Gym or a Yoga class.
  • Understand the type of Industry you are working in and accordingly wear the appropriate wear. Whether your company is casual or Business Casual, ripped denim isn’t a good idea.

  • Choose the right colour. Pick a navy blue, black, grey or brown for bottoms and white,beige, cream, lemon yellow, pastel shades and any light shade for your tops.

Actually, I take a lot of inspiration from nature. Look at these images below and you will see it your self. Observe the colour combination, dark with the lighter shade looks awesome.

  • Always iron your clothes, don’t wear creases.
  • Don’t wear stained clothes thinking no body will notice it. People who will notice will never come to you and tell you about it. Instead they will form a judgement about you being lazy, unhygienic etc.
  • Wear light perfume or deodorant unless you are working for a perfume company and doing some sort of survey. Some people can’t stand strong perfumes and who knows that your boss is one of them. Remain pleasant.
  • Don’t wear too many accessories like layers of heavy necklaces, danglers and bangles etc. And same goes with makeup. Keep it light at work, unless you work for a big Fashion House or you are a Salon professional and you can carry such party look in the day time.
  • Keep your nails filed, if not done, it shows you are lazy.

Picture courtesy : puretrend

Either apply a fresh nail polish or remove it completely. Half chipped nails look ugly. As if you don’t care about minute things.

  • Never go to work with completely wet hair, it shows you are poor in time management. A simple hairstyle will do.

Picture courtesy : Indianbeautytips

Picture courtesy: stylecraze

Picture courtesy:

I have Googled out these images to give you some idea on dressing for your understanding.

Hope you find it helpful. Give me your feedback. Let me know what you want to know from me and I promise to revert back.

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