Part 10 : Stay Calm, Be in Now.

She looked happy, so was her mom. She quickly grabs a sandwich for her lunch as she didn’t want to stuff her stomach before her interview. That would make her feel drowsy. She wanted to be alert and look ready for the job. Quickly gets herself dressed in black trouser with lemon yellow formal shirt, same black blazer and bele shoes. Eyes winged with black liner, lids shaded in pale pink, lips glossed in pink. Wore same pearl studs. She had a classic formal look.

Amodinee enters the interview room, this time to meet the Top Management team – the Vice President and President of the company. This time, she looked confident, yet a bit of anxiety rushed her mind. Her mind was racing against time, and thinking too much on what the results would be.

Our mind acts funny most of the times, it can’t wait. The curiosity develops, false expectations increases and the Reality pulls you down. All this at the same time leads to over thinking – I deserve this, but will I get it? What will happen next? How will I perform? How will they perceive me? Is this right? Etc. You can’t monitor your thoughts. Too many thoughts come in all direction just like a bad traffic on road. Our mind fails to handle this traffic and we feel anxiety.

#Tip-to-deal-with-Anxiety : Exercise Deep Breathing.

Close your eyes and simply deep breathe – Inhale and Exhale. 20-30 breaths will calm your mind completely.

Deep breathing acts like a thought guard. It helps in slowing the thoughts and calming the mind. It clears the clutter in our mind. It will connect you with your inner self who is much calmer and stronger.

President: “So you have qualified in the first round, congratulations!”

Amodinee: “Yes sir. Thank you.”

President : “Alright so let’s see if you manage to qualify this round of interview. If you do you will be associated with one of the top marketing agency.”

Amodinee confidently replied : “I certainly will sir.”

President: “So Ms. Amodinee, Where do you see yourself five years from now?”

Amodinee: ” I would have achieved all skills required to climb up the professional ladder. I am intending to do part – time MBA, which wouldn’t disturb my day job. Also will upgrade my skills on social media, content writing and study human psychology through online courses and books.

What are the growth opportunities in this organisation ?”

President : “Well sky is the limit for right employee who is focused on value driven services and who is progressive”

Amodinee : “If I am selected, I will prove that you with my work, sir. ”

Vice – President : “Yes lets see. First you have to qualify this interview. Are you speaking to any other company? How is your job search going? ”

( Amodinee learns that this question is asked as an investigation on if any other company is interested in her candidature).

Amodinee : “Yes, I am in discussion with some other companies and waiting for the results. But my first preference is to work with your reputed company.”

Vice – President : “Which companies have you applied?”

Amodinee : ” I am not comfortable naming them, as I respect the confidentiality of those companies. I hope you will understand.”

Vice – President: ” We are just interested in knowing the nature of their business. Are they marketing agencies?”

Amodinee : ” Yes sir”.

President interrupted : “Fare enough.Are you ready to relocate?”

Amodinee: “Actually I love my town and would love to work here till I get some experience. But I am open to considering it in future.”

(President got impressed by her reply. She didn’t lie or gave any false hope. It was a straight answer.)

President : ” Well this job might need you to travel in the city. Are you comfortable with it.”

Amodinee : “Yes Sir. As far as I return back the same day. This will be an opportunity to get field exposure and I will certainly want to experience.”

President : “How much salary do you expect?”

Amodinee: ” What is this company’s package for freshers?”

President: “Well we have a set package for entry level. We can offer you 20,000 / month. And that includes your mobile bill and travel. We would like to offer you the same and you have to give us your answer now.”

Amodinee smiled with sparkle in her eyes : “Yes sir, I will accept this offer. When do I have to join? ”

President ” First I would like to know, What will you do if you get another offer with a higher salary than this?

Amodinee : ” I understand your concern, money being the attraction point for most of us. But at this point of time, I would like to gain a stability and get experience in one company. In future if this situation arises, I will discuss the growth opportunities with my manager and analyse. If I see a growth potential in this company, my first priority will be to continue working in the same company.

President : ” Alright Amodinee, you can join from Monday, next week. Please wait at the reception, our HR Manager will get your offer letter ready. You have to complete some formalities. He will explain it.” Stood up and shook hand with Amodinee – “Congratulations ! Hope to see you on Monday”.

Joyously she replied – Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work in your esteem organisation. I am looking forward to join on Monday”.

Please stay with Amodinee as she progresses in her professional life.

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2 thoughts on “Part 10 : Stay Calm, Be in Now.

  1. shailesh keluskar June 26, 2018 — 3:07 pm

    nice one


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