Part 9: Sunshine, A Ray of Hope

Next morning,

Amodinee “Good morning Mom, Dad”

Dad looked amused and comments – ” A very Good Morning my sunshine! What is wrong with you? You are awake at 6:00AM? So early? Where did the center star of planetary system rise from today !”

Mom interrupted- ” Can you be nice to her and appreciate her good habit building skill !

Amodinee – ” Thanks mom. Dad I slept well last night so woke up early. I am feeling fresh today”.

Dad – ” Well that’s good. My grandfather had taught me which I am following till date. He used to believe in Nature and used to abide by its rule book.




Nature has set rule for all living beings and we must abide by it. Look at the plants, animals and birds, they all follow this rule. Have you ever heard of a bird sleeping after the sunrise and building its nest at night? No. Flowers blossom in the day light, like Sun Flower and Rose.”

Amodinee, the millennial who doesn’t wish to follow anything blindly, argues “What about Owls and Orchids. They are all night thing”.

Her mother understood that this argument can possibly turn into a heated debate so she intervened – ” Oh that’s a good point. I guess both are correct. All you need to do is check what suits you. If you have a day job, rise early. If you have a night shift, you may want to sleep in day. See what suits you and try not to affect others by our behaviour. Amodinee, would you like to come for a jog? Have an apple before, if you wish to join us.”

Amodinee bit an apple and replied “Yeah I am in”.

They went for the morning walk. As the sun rays bestows upon her, it adorns Amodinee’s face, adds a natural blush to her cheeks, turns her lips in glossy pink. Brought a twinkle to her eyes. It played with her navy blue sweatpants and sky blue striped hoodie.Her hair shined in ebony. She is living in a perfectly healthy body.

It was just before the lunch hour, she received a call from the same person to come the same day at 4 P.M. for the second round of the interview as she had qualified in the first round.

Will she qualify in the second round?

Or will she face another defeat?

Stay tuned to Amodinee to know about her interview result.

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