Part 8 : Is it time to Brush?

She is a sedulous student. Whether it was solving a maths problem in school or overcoming her week backhand while playing badminton game, she has won with her diligent practice.

Amodinee has won this time too, but on her 5th Attempt. Perfect eyeliner and a sober look. Her mom looks finally happy.

” My daughter always amazes me with her talents. Congratulations” her mom complemented.

It’s Friday, 10:30am. Amodinee’s phone rings and she answers it. Oh yes! This was an interview call. She has to go on Monday for an interview.

Time has come for another attempt. Amodinee is happy for another opportunity yet scared of unknown future. She goes to sleep and in middle of night she wakes up with a nightmare. Her past is haunting her.

Next morning, she tells her mom about her nightmare. Her mom understood that she hasn’t overcome her failure yet.

She explained her in best way possible. “Amodinee this happens to all of us. It’s Human tendency to think about your past. Let me explain you. We all want to have a good future. Correct ?
Now in order to have a future without any obstacles, we tend to dissect, analyse and scrutinise our past experience. We do this to understand what went wrong and the lessons we can learn. Doing this is obviously not wrong, because no body wants to repeat the same mistakes again. That is one of the reasons we have History as a subject in school. We criticise ourselves for the mistakes we have done in past and in this process, we forget to focus on our NOW. Because we are so worried about what we have already done, and don’t know what lies in future, we think our life is slipping from our hands and we try to control our life. In the process of controlling, we forget to live in Now.

Do you follow me?

Alright now let me ask you a question, would you like to keep a basil stuck on your tooth, because you had enjoyed your cheese and basil sandwich last night?


Would you like to keep a mustard on your tooth, because you didn’t enjoy the mustard potatoes in your dinner?

I know your answer is No.

But for a moment think if you wanted to keep it, just imagine every time you eat, you will keep a piece of basil and mustard on your tooth.
And by doing this, it will become your habit which will be annoying, irritable and uncomfortable. Soon your mouth will be full of basil and mustards without you remembering the cheese sandwich that you loved or the potatoes you didn’t enjoy. All you will remember is your mouth full of basil and mustard and definitely an aching tooth.

Don’t you think a simple act of brushing your teeth will be a healthy option? ”

Similarly, if you keep clinging to your past, you can never live your moment which is NOW. You can’t walk forward without releasing you hind leg and taking it forward. Release your past. Its gone.”

Amodinee agreed to her mom and understood that there is no use of holding to her past and said –

“You are right, It is time to brush my teeth.”

What about you, marvellous bloggers? Do you brush your teeth every time? OR Are you ready to brush your teeth now?

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