Part:6 : A welcome summer rain…

” Mom I have learnt it. I know it. I can do it now. All I need is my basic makeup kit”. Mom who is really supportive says “okay then let’s go and buy them. You can then learn practically.”

Mothers don’t want to say no their kids. They will motivate them in all possible ways. If Amodinee would gain confidence with the makeup kit, so be it. Yet she knew it will take time and practice to get the perfection for Amodinee.

So they both went to shop some basic makeup products like eyeliner, lipstick and compact powder. ” Amodinee I think you must begin with this first. Once you know the basic, you can go with additional stuff”. Politely, and convincingly, Amodinee’s mom curbed the cost, not making Amodinee realize that she has made her do some unexpected expenses.

Amodinee as soon as she reached home, locked her room and starts her first makeup session.

She washed her face and applied moisturiser evenly as shown in the magazine as Step 1 . Then she puffed the compact powder all over her face. Shaped her eyes with thick bold black eyeliner. Coloured her lips with the new fuchsia pink shade she bought. Used the same fuchsia pink shade as a blush ( because that was a tip shown in the magazine). The apples on her cheeks looked as if she is from some coldest country in world. She calls her mom to her room to get some good feedback.

Her mom enters her room and starts to laugh. ” Honey you have not applied it correctly. You aren’t looking good. It’s just too bright. People will laugh at you. Don’t go out like this.”In her mind, Amodinee thought she looked like a model, her mother gave her a reality check.

Amodinee again goes to the mirror. She didn’t like he mom’s criticism but without any second thought accepted it. She very well knew that it’s better to get such feedback on the face rather than be a laughing stock outside.

Her mother quickly understands that it is difficult for Amodinee,” Amo, don’t get disheartened. It’s just the first try. Practice till you get it perfect.”

This time Amodinee looks her self in the mirror and says” Mom this is a perfect Halloween makeup, isn’t it” Both of them bursts into laughter.

Here Amodinee brings humour to her life to overcome her feelings and in this process you have seen her mood changes, she doesn’t let herself look down, she lifts herself high and yet knows what she has to do.

Personally, I really like this quote by Langston Hughes,


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