Part 5: Mission I-M-Possible

Its 7:00 on a Monday morning. Amodinee wakes up, yawns and sees her mom returning home after her morning walk. .”Good morning Amodinee. It’s really a beautiful weather outside. I enjoyed my walk today with our neighbors Mrs.Dsouza and Ms.Brigenza. Even little John accompanied Mrs. Dsouza and us today. He was running in the joggers park like he has got wheels, keeping all of us in attention. At times, he ran way ahead of us and then waited to see who reached near him first as if we were all in a race. Moment one of us reached near him, he would jump and laugh and again run ahead. He is such an adorable boy. What a life a child has ! Worry free, forever happy! Tomorrow you can join us if you wish. Ask your friends to join too. Let’s begin our day on a positive note”.

Amodinee “Yes looks like a good idea, provided I can open my eyes so early,mom”, winks at her mom and giggles.

” I am sure you can do it if you wish to do it Amodinee. Okay enough, I don’t want to lecture you. You are big enough to understand what’s good for you” mom says without making it look pressurising to her.

“Come lets have breakfast. I am making some fresh tomato and cheese sandwiches and coffee for me and dad. What will you have?” Mom asked while moving to the kitchen. Amodinee replies” I will have the same but with some extra cheese and basil please”.

Mom – ” Amodinee Would you like to help me in the kitchen.”

Amodinee replies in a fun way – “Your word is my command ma’am.”

Mom – ” so my dear Ginni, please apply some butter to the bread slices while I chop some tomatoes and basil”. Amodinee helped her mom in the kitchen.

On the breakfast table, “yum mm ! This sandwich is the world’s best one” Amodinee enjoys her breakfast.

As soon as her dad moves in the room, her mom tells Amodinee, ” I think you must subscribe some fashion magazines. It will keep you update with the current fashion trends.”

” Yes mom, you are right. And I have seen a magazine at my friend’s house. I think I should subscribe to one of those. Before that I will get a copy from her.”

” good idea to begin with. Get a copy from your friend, understand the trends, learn and excel it”

“Academically you have excelled, now this time study about grooming. This will build confidence in you. When it comes from inside that you are looking good, your confidence boosts like a rocket in the sky. Take it like a challenge to “look good”.

Amodinee borrows the magazine from her friend and browses through it. All the pictures in the magazine are extremely glamorous. She is completely lost in the glamour world through the magazine. There she sees the models wearing different kind of outwears, spotty, professional, casual, party wear. With each look had a different hairstyle and make up tips. She thought she has gained enough knowledge and calls her mom.

Amodinee has started her journey on Mission I-M-Possible. Want to know what happens next, stay tuned to Amodinee. If you like my blog, please hit the like button and follow. See you soon here at AMODINEE


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