What made me a blogger?

Hey friends I have completed my first month of blogging and it’s an awesome feeling. I can’t express it in words.

I used to admire the writers and bloggers for their work. Always thought that one day I will start blogging. It took me five years to start my own blog ( a baby step).

I have been an event professional for about 14 years and my work has kept me busy round the clock. I thought 24 hours are less to fulfill my multiple dreams. I wanted to travel, dance, read, write blogs, meditate and list is still on. I always thought, one day when, I have the right time, I will do this. With the stressful life, i had forgotten my dream to write.

Although, I have a few tick marks on my wish list but most of them are unfulfilled. I have learnt with time that there is no right time. And if anyone would say “it is”, i will say it is NOW or NEVER.

So I decided to do it now. I knew deep inside me is a writer. I knew I will write and I did. All i have to do is write more frequently. Help many people like Amodinee.

The act of writing releases all blockages from our mind. It gives us a lot of clarity in life. It gives us wings and thankfully I have discovered my hidden dream.

And as I start to fulfill my dreams and at my very first step, I would like to THANK YOU all for liking and following my blog. Amodinee is a character which some people can relate to, as a Professional.

It feels really great to see your feedback related to my blog. It means a lot to me.

Once again a big THANK YOU !😊

Je vous remercie


Gratias tibi




22 thoughts on “What made me a blogger?

  1. You are doing a great work, just continue that way. With time we all find the right direction in blogging.

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  2. Really nice to hear your story… Keep it up!

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    1. Thanks Veorren. Would love to know your story too.


  3. Good luck! I’m on a same boat as you are, just staring back again ☺️

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    1. All the best Purawika. 😊


  4. Great👏👏👍👍
    Keep Blogging…
    Little did I know… Arigato is in Japanese which means thanks..

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    1. Thank u Zankhana. Learning it on my way too😉

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      1. Great…
        Me too 😉

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  5. Thanks for the follow. Looking forward to reading your posts, one day you may try writing some poetry, you can get great satisfaction from that, I enjoy it very much.
    Have a great day.

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    1. Hey you are welcome. And thank you for following my blog. Poetry seems like a far fetching dream for me😃 May be for now i will read some of your poems. I like stories and narrating them and thats what i have in my blogs. Let me know how you find my blogs☺️ I think writting in itself is a therapy. So Happy writting!

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  6. Nice to know about you and your village. Stay connected🙂


  7. Well done with finally getting round to starting a blog. I hope that you enjoy the blogging experience as much as I do.
    Thanks for following my blog too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Hey thank you for your kind words. Yes i am enjoying every bit of it. No regrets at all. Though I am not a pro but will get there some day. Love your blog name. Wish u all the best too.🙂

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      1. Thanks. My blog name is very boring, actually. I live in a village called Beetley, and my name is Pete! 🙂

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      2. Cool. Then I must say your village name is very interesting. It reminds me of that beautiful red insect- Beetle🐞 . What does your name mean?

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      3. It comes from the Saxon word ‘Betel’, meaning a large wooden mallet. They were made in this area more than 1500 years ago, and were famously sought-after. It has nothing at all to do with insects, funnily enough.

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