Somethings are not taught in schools and colleges. One has to look for answers outside the book world. Had it been taught in schools about how to tackle such situations, Amodinee would have mastered it, knowing how intelligent she is!

Amodinee goes home straight into her room. Looking at her daughter’s face, her mother understands that something is not right with her.

This girl – Amodinee is among the millennials who would never open up unless given that comfort level. She will act confident and strong while she is not and wouldn’t like anybody to know her weaknesses.

So her mom who understands her daughter’s psyche, walks with two cups of freshly brewed coffee to her room. Amodinee’s face is pale. She knows her mom has come to know about her interview. But instead of asking her about the interview she extended her hand holding the coffee cup to Amodinee –

“Good you have come. I got a company.” Amodinee takes the cup in her hands

“Thanks mom. I needed this one”.

Mothers are so intuitive, they know what their child needs. Like while I am writing this blog, i was hoping for a cup of coffee. And my mom just made it for me. This works like telepathy.

“It’s a bit cold today, you want me to get your red cardigan? This coffee will keep you warm only for some time.”

” Yes mom I will get it myself” she picks the cardigan from her cupboard and wears it. Walks back to her bedside. She takes a sip from the cup.

“How’s the coffee? Is the sugar ok?” ” yes mom it’s just right.”

Her mom decided to take another approach to get her daughter to open up.

” You know I was cleaning the store room and what I found? Your favourite doll – Jenni.”

“oh mom, you still kept that Jenni?”

” Yes honey. That was one toy you were so close to. Do you remember how we used to play, you shared your secrets with Jenni and I used to do voiceover for Jenni”.

Both of them laughs. ” Yes mom, it was so much fun playing with Jenni. I miss my childhood days.”

Her mom hands her the doll, smiles and says”Honey, we can still play it again. There is no age limit. You can share your secrets again”.

Amodinee who was hiding from a proper eye contact, now looks straight in her mom’s eyes and just regains that comfort and connection.

” No mom, I don’t need a doll now.” She hugs her mom and says “I failed mom. I am not capable enough”.

She keeps talking uninterrupted knowing she has her mom’s ears. ” I looked like an idiot. I don’t know why I am like this mom. I fumbled in my Interview.” She cries like her tears are a river flowing down her cheeks.

We all know when it comes to mothers, they are so compassionate. ‘The human touch therapy’ that they give to their child is so magical. It gives so much strength and the feeling of love and care. I think it acts like an endless supply to refill our empty tanks – mind & heart. How can one deny this supply of positive energy?

Her mother patiently heard her and just kept hugging her. Amodinee now stops crying. She manages to hold her up again and starts to talk sensibly..

” mom something is wrong with me. I wasn’t looking like one of them. They were looking so good. So elite . Looked as if they were very purposeful and I am useless. I looked as If I am from nowhere. I stammered while talking, never used to before. I felt butterflies in my stomach. My mind is captured by self doubting thoughts as if there is a terror attack on my brain. I couldn’t handle my self mom. I am scared of myself and my future.”



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