Part 2: Amodinee slipped over a banana skin

Next day, Amodinee dressed in her formal wear, hair pinned up, holding a folder which had her academic certificates with all the confidence in her eyes walked till the door. She opened the glass door of the multi national company for the first time. She is totally astonished at the interiors of the office. She enters a huge hall in the centre and on the right hand side there is a waiting room which looks like a lounge area with beige recliners and sofas with some soft music in the background.On the left as soon as one enters, there is an attendance machine on the wall, and next to it is a beautiful glass art piece which is back lit. The art piece was so attractive, that Amodinee couldn’t resist and walks straight towards it to admire. That’s when someone broke her admiration – “How may I help you Mam?”

Amodinee turns to look at the glamorous receptionist at the centre of the office. She is wearing a crisp white shirt and grey pencil skirt. She adores her super-subtle ombré soft curls with a side fringe. Her dense arched eyebrows, beige- brown twin shaded eyelids made her face look magnetic. The size and precision of her winged liner looked as if her eyes could fly. Lips are perfectly coloured in nude and glossy like a glass. Her filed french nails looked so elitist. Amodinee just noticed her flawless skin, her peachy blushed cheeks defined by her cheekbones, when she asks her again ” How may i help you?”

Amodinee replies ” i am here for an interview for the marketing executive’s position.” So the receptionist calls Ms. Shroff to the meeting room.

She enters the meeting room to meet the snobbish HR manager who is equally groomed. Loads of fearful thoughts churned in Amodinee’s mind – about the interview, how she had dressed, her looks especially, after meeting that glamorous receptionist and the HR Manager.

She fumbled in her interview. She failed in her first attempt because she lost 80% of her confidence as her fear got over her ” I don’t belong here. Look at the people who work here and look at me, my messy hair, never bothered about my nails. i am not confident enough. They are so elite and polished. How will they treat me? What is my future over here?”

” I Don’t belong here”.

As I write about Amodinee’s situation, i remembered a quote so apt to place here;


Stay tuned to see how Amodinee slipped on a banana skin and who landed her the help to stand up again.

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