This blog is about you and every girl in this world who is going to step into the “professional world”. Everything that a girl would face from multifaceted fears to lack of confidence at one point or the other and how to overcome such obstacles and bring back the sunshine is expressed in this blog through a fictional character.

AMODINEE in Sanskrit means Happy Girl. AMODINEE is a story about a simple girl who has finished her education and now wants to lead an independent life. She is born fearless, strong-minded and confident. Her dreams are just like any other girl of her age who wants to prove her purposeful existence to world, make her family feel proud of her, get her dream job to live independently, get married to her dream boy and settle in life.

Then what goes wrong? What snatches her confidence? What makes her dull and unhappy? This blog is a journey of how she falls in the fear trap, looses her confidence and how she rediscovers herself, uplifts her persona and make her own space in this busy world. AMODINEE will live up to her name, so stay tuned till the end.


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