Part 1 – A Graduate Girl and her acquaintance with the World

” Woo Hoo! I have finally finished my education and have my degree today. No more college, no more studying, I am a free bird. That calls for a treat. My family will be happy today. I should take some sweets at home to celebrate. She starts to walk but a thought strikes her mind – “No – Wait! Am I going to treat my family with their own money? No that sounds so uncool. Grow up Amodinee. I think i should start to work and earn my living. I have plenty of time, let me use it constructively. So what if I don’t have any experience, i have the zeal to learn. After all I am smart and educated. I will work for a reputed company and live independently. Life is beautifully set for me. Mom, Dad you guys will have to wait for my treat” holding her degree certificate in hands and wearing a beautiful smile, Amodinee makes a commitment to herself.

She expressed her feelings to her close friends, and they encouraged her and even agreed to do the same.

They all applied for the jobs they could do. Three of her friends got the job on their first application, while Amodinee still struggles to get one interview call.

With a positive mindset, she applies again for a job as marketing executive, for a Multi national Company, hoping to get a favourable reply.

Next day, her phone rang, it was her very first interview call.
” Hello Miss Amodinee, your résumé has been selected for the first round of interview. Kindly come at our head office tomorrow sharp at 10 am and meet our HR Manager Ms.Shroff.
And here goes her inner thoughts :
” Thank you god for being kind to me. Thank you for this opportunity, i will make the best of it. Alright as taught in the college, i have to prepare myself for the interview. I will wear the same formal wear for which I got compliments from my friends in college. I look good in formal. I will greet them, shake hands and introduce myself with a smile on my face. And answer all their questions. I have done this before in college.I will do well. This is exciting.”
Happy as she was, she ironed her lucky blazer which she used to wear for her inter college debates and college presentations. She collected all her certificates like academic, badminton champion, and other extra curricular activities that she participated and aced. Her excitement and energy was unmanageable, when her mother called her to have lunch. Confident and excited as she was, could not stop herself from telling her mother about her another achievement in life – selection an interview call.

Want to know what happens with Amodinee?

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